Site selection for the construction of a facility

If you are planning to build an access railway to your facility, then, when choosing a site for its construction, we recommend you to clarify the possibility to build an access road on this section and attach it to the Railway in principle and how much it can cost. For this you need to know the following:

  • 1. The cutting is possible only in the station ways (not the main track), or the corporate railroad (access roads of enterprises).
  • 2. If station or access roads are available at an accessible distance from the site, it is required to determine the technical feasibility of adding an additional access railway track. This subjectis discussed with the head of the station, in charge of which are the above ways. Also, the station manager discusses the availability of the technical capability of the station to process the planned number of wagons -- in the absence of such station,station reconstruction would be necessary (at the expense of the customer).
  • 3. The further the site is from the main track, the more expensive the construction of the access railway will cost. Best option: the site borders the above-mentioned routes or is located within one kilometer of them. With longer distances, a feasibility study should be prepared, since the construction of the access road may be comparable to the cost of building the enterprise itself.
  • 4. The connecting branch from the station to the site also requires an outreach. In this case, the retraction strip under the railway branch depends on the radius of curvature of the railway track, the presence of a notch or embankment. The minimum width of the bend is 12 m (if the path is straight and runs through the "zero" section, ie with no embankment or depressions).
  • 5. If the railway passes through several sites with different owners, it is necessary to check for the possibility of land purchase.
  • 6. The location of the roads under construction in the city leads to the removal, reinforcement and reconstruction of a significant number of communications, which increases the cost of construction!
  • 7. A crossing with busy highways in one level also significantly increases the cost of an access railway track. If it is necessary to cross the road at different levels, the cost of the railway track increases significantly. Thus, this approach is not recommended.
  • 8. The cost significantly increases with the construction of crossing water barriers (rivers, lakes), especially with differences in altitude along the route of the projected track.
  • 9. Crossing the track with high-pressure gas lines, high-voltage power lines also increases the overall cost.
  • 10. It is best to have the tracks on the site parallel to the station tracks. A different arrangement leads to small-radius curves, which increases the operating costs, and sometimes leads to the impossibility of construction. Our experts can help you consider the above and many other nuances when choosing a construction site of a facility with an access railway. Contact us in time!