Stages of construction of the railway

In order to establish constructive relations with the contractor and ensure maximum effective interaction during the construction of the access rail track, the customer must be well aware of the types of work required, their sequence, resource intensity and approximate duration. Below is an approximate sequence of steps necessary for the construction of an access Railway track after the election and registration of rights to the land. Recommendations for site selection >>> (link)

Preparatory work

The approximate length of time is 2 months, the approximate cost of the total cost of the project works is 30%. *

  1. Preliminary engineering and geodetic survey.
  2. An approximate definition of the tie-in point in the way of the station (the owner).
  3. Obtaining technical specifications (TU) from road management enterprises: stations for connecting the railway (DS), track distances (IF), signaling and communication distances (SCH), power supply distances (EF), etc.
  4. Coordination of technical specifications in the departments (traffic, roads, communications and signaling, power supply), from the chief engineer of the road departments, in the road (traffic, way, connection and signaling, power supply) management services and their approval by the chief engineer (NG) in the road management.
  5. Final engineering-geodetic and engineering-geological surveys.
  6. Obtaining technical conditions from owners of engineering networks crossing the access road or passing in close proximity to it: gas pipelines, power lines, communication lines, water supply networks, cable networks, highways, etc.

Project works

Approximate length of time - 4 months, approximate value of the total cost of design works - 70%.

  1. Development on the basis of the received technical specifications of the railway track project.
  2. Coordination of the project with:
    a) in the services of JSC "NCSPT" management companies, road management services.
    b) owners of engineering networks and communications.
  3. Development of a working draft.
  4. Coordination of the working draft with:
    a) in the services of JSC "NCSPT" management companies, road management services.
    b) owners of engineering networks and communications.
  5. Approval with JSC "NC KTZ".
  6. Appeal to JSC "NC KTZh" about the commission determination of the place of adjoining the way of non-public use (permit for contiguity).
  7. Obtaining permission (order) from JSC "NC KTZh" to the side of the access railway. Ways to the path of common use.
  8. Coordination in other city organizations.
  9. Expertise of the project.
  10. Obtaining a building permit (the customer receives the entire facility).


Construction works

Approximate duration of time with all arrangements from 2 to 4 months.*

  1. Removal of communications from the construction zone or their protection within the construction site, construction of temporary roads.
  2. Excavation: excavation of the embankment or excavation device, movement of the soil along the front of the work, leveling, compacting (tamping) and, if necessary, dehumidification of the future roadbed (drainage of groundwater, etc.).
  3. Installation of artificial structures: laying culverts, drainage trays, etc. (Carried out before or after excavation).
  4. Laying of the upper structure of the path: the formation of a ballast prism, the laying of the under-rail base (sleepers), the laying and joining of rails, the laying of turnouts and deaf intersections.
  5. Ballasting and alignment of the path.
  6. Arrangement of railway crossings.
  7. Centralization of the way and switches, the installation of automation at the crossings, the equipment of turnouts by snow cleaning systems.
  8. Construction or reconstruction of the contact network.
  9. Construction of buildings, structures, platforms, elevated paths.
  11. Formation of a commission composed of: representative of the customer, representative of the contractor, representative of the contiguity infrastructure, JSC NC KTZH (the commission is collected by the customer, the director of the customer enterprise presides, the commission is appointed for 1-2 weeks).
  12. Drawing up and signing of the act by the admission committee on commissioning.
  13. Development of a technical passport of the way and local operating instructions.
  14. Harmonization of the technical passport and local instructions in the subdivisions of the Road Administration.
  15. The approximate duration of points 28 and 29 is 1 month. with approval.

* Terms and cost are given for an approximate object with a 1 km track length.

** The list of coordination points and the order of putting the way into operation are changing and at the time of agreement may differ from the above.

More detailed information on the coordination of technical specifications and the construction of access railways you can get from our company specialists by calling +7 717 276-71-23 or in person. In addition, we are ready to provide consulting services for choosing a land plot for construction.