Collection of technical specifications

The collection of technical conditions is the stage at which data on technical circumstances and requirements related to the future construction of the railway track are summarized and systematized.

Technical conditions are a scheme on which further design and, eventually, construction will be based. It includes the requirements for the future railway, determined by natural and technical reasons.

The collection of specifications is carried out by obtaining relevant information from the units of JSC "NC KTZ, from the owners of engineering communications.

As can easily be understood, the collection of technical conditions is a departmental and regulatory process. And like all such processes, it is associated with complications and excessive red tape, often leading to an increase in the cost and timing of construction.

The employees of our enterprise are thoroughly familiar with the complex administrative hierarchy of the railway and the details of all required procedures, which allows to realize the organizational and departmental part of the railway construction project. Representing the interests of the customer at the stage of collection of specifications, we guarantee the coordination of the most beneficial technical conditions for the customer in all instances in the shortest possible time.