Artificial constructions


The construction of artificial structures is an integral part of railway construction. These include overpasses, pipes, trays, retaining walls and other structures.

With the help of overpasses, a natural or artificial obstacle, such as a hill, a river, a ravine or a motorway, is overcome.

Drainage trays and streams carry out the drainage of water from the canvas, which contributes to the preservation of the ballast prism.

Pipes perform the function of conductors of water streams under the earthen cloth, which avoids its undermining and destruction.

The retaining walls reinforce, where necessary, the mass of soil behind them and prevent it from collapsing.

Competitor-B carries out the construction of all these types of artificial structures. If necessary, they will be included in the project and in detail technically planned. The guarantee for the artificial structures built by our company, as well as for all completed construction, is 1 year.