Railway construction

The construction of the railway is one of the main points in the list of services provided by our company. Starting with the removal of communications from the construction zone or their protection within the construction site, we will organize all the necessary works for the construction of the railway:

  • Execution of excavation works, including embankment filling or excavating device, soil moving along the front of the work, leveling, compacting (ramming) and, if necessary, dehumidifying the future roadbed (groundwater abstraction, etc.).
  • Installation of artificial structures (laying culverts, drainage trays, overpasses)
  • Laying of the upper structure of the track, including the formation of the ballast prism, the laying of the under-rail base (sleepers), laying, fixing and joining the rails, laying off switches and deaf intersections of all types.
  • Ballasting and alignment of the path.
  • Arrangementofrailwaycrossings.
  • Centralization of the way and switches, the automation of crossings, the equipment of turnouts by snow cleaning systems.
  • Reorganization of the contact network.
  • The construction of buildings, structures, platforms, elevated paths.

The work is carried out with strict control of compliance with all the requirements necessary for safety, efficiency, durability and quality of the path being created. The quality of the construction works of our company is confirmed by the provision for a new construction of a guarantee of 1 year.

Any new construction of the railway track, carried out by the company Competitor-B, is completed by mandatory entry of the way into operation. The act of commissioning is signed by the commission with the participation of the representatives of the customer, JSC "NC KTZh" and the representative of the enterprise.