Provision of consulting services is the primary stage in the development of the railway construction project.

Consulting, also called project engineering, is a process carried out at the initial stages of the development of communication routes for the client company. The purpose of this process is to determine the approximate costs of a potential project, the timing of its implementation, bringing to the attention of the client the details, details and aspects of the forthcoming work. Within the framework of interaction with the client, a financial and technical image of the future project is developed.

At this stage, if the location of the facility has already been determined, the necessary work is carried out for railway construction, including excavation, laying of the upper structure of the track, construction of man-made structures, railroad construction, flooring of railway crossings, and preliminary estimates for the project.

At the consulting stage, in addition to preliminary estimates for construction, economists of our company can make calculations on the operation of the railway track, related to its current maintenance and potentially necessary repairs. Having formed a technological picture of the functioning of the future railway, our specialists can prepare a full feasibility study for the project.

It is important to mention that the most valuable our consulting services can be at the planning stage of the enterprise, when its location has not yet been determined. The reason for this is that the incorrectly chosen location of buildings relative to the railways and the landscape may entail unjustified costs during the construction of the access railway, or even the impossibility of its construction. To minimize the costs of building an access railway, our company can consult on the selection of the most suitable land plot in terms of railway infrastructure.