Concrete works

Despite the fact that the production of concrete is a very labor-intensive process, the very technology of production of this building material is quite simple. It consists in mixing cement, sand, gravel and water in the right proportions. But for the production of concrete for business purposes will require the availability of special equipment.

 At the moment, the production of concrete in our country is mainly engaged in large concrete plants, but their products are oriented to the demand of large industrial companies, as well as large construction companies.

For consumers of less concrete we offer the production of concrete of any grade that meets the requirements of GOST and TU with a DIOSI self-loading mixer.

Concrete mixer with self-loading DIECI mobile, capable of producing from 30 to 120 cubic meters of concrete per shift, directly on the construction site.

Concrete works are an integral part of the construction of any objects of varying complexity.

We are happy to help you with the concrete works, we will provide the installation of concrete foundations, concrete floors of high strength, we will carry out the erection of concrete platforms and structures, and much more.

We work in all regions of Kazakhstan.