About company

We design and construct railroads and railways infrastructure. Our company carries a comprehensive range of consulting, design, construction and repair works in the railway sector.

We work in transportation support, providing our customers with better opportunities to use the railroad infrastructure. We have extensive collective experience allowing the construction process to be carried out at minimal cost to the customer. Our employees are thoroughly familiar with the complex administrative hierarchy of the industry and the details of all the required procedures, which allows us to realize the organizational and departmental part of the railway construction project.

We have commissioned more than 30 facilities, including the project design of 1350 running meters of railways with two turnouts for “Agromean” LLC; designing and constructing 200 running meters of railways with one turnout for “LEGko” LLC – Concrete-Astana; designing and constructing the first phase – 7500 running meters of railways on a wide gauge with 6 turnouts for “Dostyk Cargo Service” LLC; a 10,500 m2 concrete bulk platform; 300 running meters of railways for “Atasu Trans” LLC at the Zhetysu Station; designing and constructing 1512 running meters of railways with one turnout for “Agrimer Astyk” LLC on the Kokshetau 1 Station; major overhaul of 1350 running meters of railways with six turnouts for “Agrimer” LLC at the Yesil Station; started construction of Phase 2 of 3050 running meters of railways on a narrow gauge with 1 turnout and a derailing tongue on a centralized section for “Dostyk Cargo Service” LLC; designing 4.4 km of railways and electrical centralization and communications for “KTZ Express” JSC, with a major overhaul of 10 km of tracks and construction of 20 km of tracks for other companies.

Our designed and constructed siding tracks allow our customers to access railway communications with minimal expenses. We guarantee convenience and functionality, durability and safety.