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Transportation of goods by rail is the cheapest form of transport, and the availability of an access railroad provides enterprises with rhythmic work and increasing their profitability. In addition, the section with access railway tracks costs several times higher than without access roads.

At the same time, in business circles there is a stable stereotype about the complexity and high cost of building access railroads. There are several sources of this stereotype:

First and foremost, it is the difficulty of coordinating the construction of access railroads with various departments of "NC KTZh" JSC and other organizations. The approval process can last years with no results, and the cost of coordination and additional work to meet the technical requirements of the industry often exceeds the cost of construction of the access road.

Another reason is that the construction of industrial facilities is usually handled by general contractors and general designers who do not know the specifics of railway construction. The lack of specific knowledge scares them from taking on projects. In reality, it is rather simple, but railroaders do not talk about it.

The third reason is, perhaps, the belated consideration of the issue of construction of access railroads, which often entails unjustified construction costs and negates their investment attractiveness (as a rule, this is due to the inconvenient location of the facility in relation to the junction station in connection With the fact that the issue is beginning to be solved when designing communications, that is, after buying a land plot, and it is no longer possible to change the situation).

Well, finally, when the issue of building an access railway is being resolved, the client is often scared by the total amount of construction (1 km of a track costs about 35-50 million tenge.) However, if we consider the transport costs of the company in comparison with road transport, in most cases, the construction of a railway easily pays off in 1-5 years, and further colossal savings on transport costs!).

All these facts take place in railway construction. Nevertheless, a high level of investor awareness, timely consideration of the issue and the availability of an experienced partner make the task of building an access railroad feasible and economically very attractive.

In this regard, we offer the potential investor in this section an initial sum of data necessary for preliminary consideration of the construction of the access railway track. Our experts will help you thoroughly consider this issue by phone or in person.

For investors