Railroad crossings


In places of one-level crossing of railway lines with highways and pedestrian crossings, to ensure uninterrupted and safe movement, a crossing device is necessary. The principle of the device of railway crossing is the output of the marking of the rail head on one level with the surface of the automobile or pedestrian way. Depending on the category, the crossing is additionally equipped with traffic lights, barriers, sound signals and moving-point barriers.

Various materials can be used for the railroad crossing: concrete; Rubber, reinforced concrete and rubber-concrete slabs; composite materials. Their choice depends, basically, on the type of moving and the conditions of its operation.

Technological moving through the railway tracks on the territory of the plant can be made of concrete or reinforced concrete slabs. Such a solution will be optimal and economical for low traffic stresses.

At the intersection of the railway track with the road, it is most expedient to use a rubber-concrete coating or rubber-cord transfer systems. Elastic profiles of such coatings absorb mechanical vibrations arising from the movement of vehicles. The energy of the oscillations is absorbed over the entire area, thereby protecting the main reinforced concrete slab, as well as the rail fastenings from deformations and fractures.


LLP "Competitor-B" can use any of the existing structures for the device of railway crossings. In order to ensure the safety of traffic, the crossing can also be equipped with various signaling equipment.

During the construction works the company fully provides reliable construction and equipping the railway crossing, as well as coordinating the construction of the relocation with the railway and local authorities.