Track maintenance

The current contents of the railway track include regular monitoring of the condition of the track and structures, work on the prevention and elimination of malfunctions. The correct approach to the current track content provides a long service life of the railway track and structures.

The main works on the current road maintenance are: replacement of defective sleepers, arrow bars, fastening elements, alignment of the track and switches in the profile and in the plan, elimination of deviations along the track width, distillation and adjustment of rail clearances, finishing of the ballast prism, maintenance of crossings, deadlocks , Cleaning of switches from snow, correcting the way in the depths, etc.

The current content of the roadbed includes inspection of slopes, fortification, defensive and drainage structures, drainage devices, cleaning of the settling wells of the outlets, cleaning of two cuvettes, trays, laying of roadsides, and also the elimination of the consequences of small slopes of slopes of upland ditches, embankment slopes and gullies. In winter, the path profile is corrected in places of abrasion of the roadbed with the installation of rail threads on wooden or plywood gaskets.

When signing a contract for the current maintenance of the access roads of the enterprises, LLP "Competitor-B" assumes the responsibility to represent the interests of the branch owners before the railway and takes part in commission inspections of the track, structures and devices, while ensuring the correct path condition, safety and security of supply- Cleaning wagons. At the end of each calendar month, the owners are provided with a monthly report on the work done.