Feasibility report of the project of construction of the pick-up

To preliminarily assess the attractiveness of the construction of an access railway for your enterprise, it is enough to make comparatively simple calculations. For this purpose, it is necessary to take the annual volume of dispatch and receipt of goods (broken down by type of cargo) and determine the type of wagons, the volume of a single lot and the approximate kilometer for the carriage of each type of cargo. Based on these data, it will be easy to calculate the approximate cost of freight transportation by road and rail.

The annual difference in the cost of transportation will give you a first approximation of the answer to the question of the feasibility of building an access railway track. If it proves to be significant, it will be possible to continue the calculation and estimate the cost of the construction of the track (again in the first approximation). For this calculation, it is better to contact a specialized company, having prepared the information about the object by the application form for the new construction of the access railway track.

Comparison of construction calculations with annual savings from railway transportation will show you an approximate payback period for the project. On the basis of these data, it will be possible to decide whether to draw up a detailed feasibility study for the construction of an access railway, or on its inexpediency. The specialists of our company can help you in preliminary calculations and in drawing up a detailed feasibility study.