Directory of terms


1. Mineral bulk material filling the space between the bottom bed of sleepers or other rail supports and the main platform of the roadbed. 2. Load creating additional load.

Branch track

A track when following on which the rolling stock deviates by the turnout.

Freight cars

Freight cars are wagons designed for the transport of goods. These include covered wagons, gondola cars, platforms, tanks, isothermal and special purpose wagons.

Сovered cars

Covered wagons are designed for the transportation of piece and bulk cargo, requiring protection from atmospheric precipitation.

Upper track structure

The upper structure of the track is a single complex structure consisting of rails, fastenings with anti-theft, rail supports (most often in the form of sleepers), ballast, bridge cloth, switches and a number of special devices. The upper structure of the path perceives and dynamically transmits the dynamic effects of wheels of rolling stock to the main area of the roadbed, and also directs the wheels of the rolling stock moving along the track.

Route correction

Route correction is the correction of the railway track in the longitudinal profile with the ballast compaction under the sleepers.