Repair of railway tracks

Extremely difficult conditions for the operation of the railway, such as dynamic loads of moving parts and natural factors, lead to the fact that without repair and maintenance of the way, it is impossible to safely and accident-free traffic of trains.

Our company provides a full range of services for the repair of railroad tracks and prileps infrastructure, which allows to ensure the maximum safety of cargo transportation. We produce both a complete replacement of the track grid with new materials and a replacement of the upper structure of the road with a more powerful or less worn out one using old materials or old materials in combination with new ones. We perform single rail replacement, track alignment, track gauge adjustment, etc.

During the repair we return the structure of the road to the project framework, we repair the roadbed and drainage structures.

For the repair of the road, as well as for other types of work performed by us, a guarantee is provided to ensure the safety and benefit of the customer. The warranty period for the repair work is 1 year.