When constructing a railway, our company performs the function of a contractor for the section "construction of the railway". This means that we are responsible for the progress and results of the construction of the railway access road, and ensure the implementation of all the numerous aspects included in this complex process. Including:

  • Design study and calculation
  • Interaction with the market of subcontractors
  • Financial administration
  • Provision of materials
  • Logistics
  • Quality control
  • Human Resources and Life
  • Interaction with departmental structures
  • Work with documents
  • Safety and security

These aspects include such activities as:

  • Study of the initial condition of the construction site, carrying out the necessary surveys
  • Coordination, planning, designing, making engineering decisions
  • Optimization of design, technical, technological, quality and cost characteristics
  • Research of the market of subcontract works
  • Study and application of new materials and construction technologies
  • Organization of contract tenders, selection of the best subcontractors, preparation and conclusion of contracts with them
  • Construction budget management within the approved budget
  • Purchase, delivery to the construction site and storage of necessary materials and others

Thus, our company provides a comprehensive approach to the construction of the railway, guaranteeing customers a minimum market value of the full range of works for the project. In addition, we assume the responsibility for the construction project and the guarantee obligations to the client, which is legally specified. The successful commissioning of the road is also part of our function and serves as an indicator of the quality of the work performed.