About us


“Konkurent-B” LLP conducts a full range of services for engineering, constructing, reconstruction, servicing of railways, and running-maintenance of railways and railside infrastructure. All types of services are conducted by our qualified full-time personnel--efficient and in the shortest time possible


Railway construction involves many aspects, so it is extremely important to have a multi-faceted approach. It is crucial to coordinate actions and have precise calculations, and the Contractor must be able to combine all the necessary steps of construction into a single process. That is precisely how we approach it as a company.


The main task of Konkurent-B is to construct a railway and provide the ability for the Customer to use railway transport. Our multifaceted approach along with having all the necessary resources and our proficiency to use them allows us to provide the owners of the entry lines with the best value for the price: the expenses stay within the initial budget, we meet our deadlines and the railway always begins its operation on time.

About us