Railside construction

Prieural construction is part of the railway construction and represents the construction of facilities and facilities for railway infrastructure.

Such facilities include various facilities and buildings for the maintenance of trains, to meet the needs of railway workers, traffic safety and other structures. The railways are practically everything related to the railway: railway stations, stations and depots, pedestrian bridges and passenger platforms, railway scales, elevated tracks, loading and unloading platforms and structures, and much more.

It is extremely important that the competence of the company designing the road and assuming the function of the contractor includes design and construction of the rail structures. Otherwise, the design and construction process is disproportionately complicated and putting the way into operation becomes difficult and costly.

The construction of rail structures and structures is an integral part of the specialization and experience of our company. We are in a position to form the necessary design structure of the rail structures, to carry out their construction and to put the road into operation without delays and additional costs.